President's Message

Holiday Message from the Board President

November 2021

Brothers and Sisters

This is a special time of the year to spend with family, friends, and neighbors. It is a time to reflect and remember those whom you may not be able to share the Holiday Season with. It is a time to remember and pray for neighbors and friends who are in the military, or otherwise away from their families. We remember those who provide the very blanket of security we lie under while placing themselves in harm’s way. We wish them all a quick and safe return.

I am humbled and privileged to continue in the role as President of IAABO District Board #37, “The Brooklyn Board”.  All this comes as we press forward in our community’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.  In spite of the tragedies which have touched the lives of many of our membership, the Brooklyn Board will continue to address the need for an integrated and innovative approach to the development of officials that ensures our purpose – to educate, train, and provide continuous instruction for officials – is met.

In this endeavor, I am joined by my colleagues on the Executive Board – Anthony Connor (President-Elect), Joe Thompson (Vice President), Kenneth Jordan (Secretary-Treasurer), Michael Daly (Associate Rules Interpreter/Trainer) and Robert Chobor (Past-President) — as well as the 2021- 2022 District 37 Executive Board Members-At-Large: Lee Church, Ray Diaz, and Ricky Rivers.  With their continued support and that of the membership, I am confident that we will be steadfast in addressing the pressing challenges we will face over the course of the coming year. As a result of overcoming these challenges, our accomplishments will be many.

It appears as though we are on course for a full high school basketball season. Moreover, the recreation leagues are gearing up as well.  I see a true need to accelerate the pace of our work because of the escalating complexity of the game that has been entrusted to us. This is especially visible in the sheer number of children and young adults who are in the greatest need of guidance and direction.  We most always remember our vital role as simply, “We are the “Refs.”

Nevertheless, it is not all rosy ahead. But with the active collaboration of the Executive Board, I intend to work to promote education, research, and advocacy as is our stated purpose.

On behalf of Executive Board, I wish all of you the very best during the coming holiday season. 

Yours in sport,

Michael P. Davis