The 2019/2020 Officials vs. Cancer campaign will take place the week of January 20th - 26th. Please help Board #37 raise $3700 this season. Tee Shirts, Whistles & Lanyards are available for a $37 donation.


Welcome to Brooklyn Board 37

Situated in the hotbed of basketball, New York City, Brooklyn is the fourth largest municipality in the country.  As such, our members’ officiating chores, though officially designated to the basketball season, never really end.

With its wealth of leagues and tournaments, our Members’ officiating chores though officially designated to the winter basketball season, never really ends.  With games played above the rim year-round, Brooklyn offers the novice and experienced official High School, Collegiate and Semi-Professional officiating opportunities.

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IAABO Patches

Recently, the IAABO Office has received numerous inquiries about IAABO patches and their availability for purchase. IAABO Patches are no longer available for purchase. This was discontinued several years ago.  Please visit Smitty Officials’ Apparel – Smitty is the exclusive vendor for IAABO Logoed products.  Click here to view a listing of preferred retailers

Smitty Officials' Apparel

Smitty is the exclusive vendor for IAABO Logoed products.  The preferred retailer for the Long Island and New York Metropolitan Area Boards
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The Annual James "Buddy" Keaton Tournament


Board 37 Honorary and 40 YR Awards
Board 37 Honorary and 40 YR Awards